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Tips and Advice on Wedding Venues & Reception

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The Modern Wedding

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Author:    Chris Favaloro (Vivace Restaurant)
Publish Date:    15 Jan 2009


With these modern style weddings comes a shift in venues, restaurants and intimate locations for events up to 100 people are becoming increasingly popular. So a google search for restaurant weddings and pages of listings will appear.

A restaurant wedding reception should offer you more flexibility in your wine and menu choices, you should be able to sample some of the meals and wines and sit down with the head chef and discuss your tastes.

You may find that you can keep your costs down by booking a restaurant on a Sunday or lunchtime when they would otherwise be closed, a Saturday or Sunday lunch time wedding with a jazz band playing in the background is a wonderful way to celebrate with your closest family and friends. 

A restaurant will offer you professional staff members, that probably work on the floor full time, a function centre is likely to employ staff on a casual basis that have no real passion for hospitality and service.

In planning your wedding it is important to consider all options open to you in venue style, service, menu and beverages. Consider what is important to you. You maybe surprised at how cost effective it is to steer away from the traditional reception centres. 



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