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Easy Stop Weight Loss

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Street:    Servicing Australia Wide
Suburb:    Sydney
State:    NSW
Telephone:    1800 32 79 78
Email:    Click to send enquiry
Website:    easystopweightloss.com.au


You probably know how much easier it would be to lose weight if you didn’t eat chocolate.

If you are hooked on your favourite brands, you know how hard it can be to just stop.

With this CD you can choose to stop eating chocolate for good or, simply use the proven techniques it reveals to choose when to eat chocolate, how much and how often.

With Breaking The Chocolate Monster CD the choice is yours.

Do you find yourself going into a newsagent to buy a paper; the petrol station to pay for fuel; the supermarket to get your shopping … and find yourself coming out with some chocolate?  You didn’t even go in with the intention of buying chocolate, but somehow it found its way into your pocket.

Maybe you feel that you deserve some chocolate and you find yourself eating too much, too often. Or, perhaps you make excuses that you’re buying it for the children or your partner or spouse.

With Breaking The Chocolate Monster CD you will be in control

This ground breaking CD is written by Elliott Wald, an expert in behaviour modification and the founding chairman of EasyStop.

Using these successful techniques we reveal how you too can Break The Chocolate Monster in the comfort and privacy of your own home, with ease and success.


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