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How to know the difference between Fake Russian Hair Extensions VS Real Virgin Russian Hair Extensions

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How to know the difference between Fake Russian Hair Extensions VS Real Virgin Russian Hair Extensions

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Author:    Eye of Envy Hair Extensions (Virgin Russian Hair Extensions Specialists by EYE OF ENVY)
Publish Date:    16 Mar 2015



95% of other hair extension salons and technicians in AUSTRALIA will Sell or install processed packet hair which come in the methods



-Tape hair


-Nano bead

-Prebonds/ Fusion/ Singles

(From a packet)


Machine weft hair/ Micro weft

(from a packet).

The " processed packet hair"

methods of hair "claim" to be the highest qualities, advertised to you in quality grades of-






These quality grades are only

used for processed hair from CHINA

and is FALSE ADVERTISING by FACT as real russian hair doesnt have manufactured grades as it is not processed hair due to its high quality it is the highest quality world wide natural as it is.

Any hair extensions that come from a packet is chemically processed hair with very minimal to no cuticle.

This hair is false advertised as

"russian hair"

" 100% Remi russian hair"

" European hair"

" Brazillian hair"

"Peruvian hair"

" Human hair"

The truth is packet hair is not any of these ethnicities and really you are wearing low quality chemically processed hair extensions of Indian and Asian origin.

If you see adverts for the above methods or grade systems as above to advertise hair you have got FAKE RUSSIAN HAIR OR ARE LOOKING AT A FAKE RUSSIAN HAIR ADVERT.

real russian hair costs thousands- $2,000-$4,500 for a full head- anything that is the highest quality will have a high price its common sense.

$300? $600? REAL russian hair will not go for this price by fact.

Would u expect a ferrari to be the price of a holden or a diamond to be the price of a zirconia?

Neither is real russian hair over fake russian hair.

Sick if getting ripped off with poor quality hair?

Want REAL russian hair?

Contact me and CALL now!

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