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Tips and Advice on Wedding Hair & Beauty

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The Top 5 Diet Tips for Brides To Be Revealed By Monash Personal Trainer

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Author:    Craig Wyllie (Reclaim Your Body)
Publish Date:    19 Aug 2009


Over the years I have worked with a lot of people and without a doubt one of the most important components in getting my clients in the best shape is by having some sort of time line. There is no bigger and better incentive for a bride to be than her wedding day. It’s amazing what happens to women as soon as they set a wedding date, it's almost as though the impossible turns into possible over night. They are willing and ready to do whatever it takes to get in their dream dress and inspire awe in all those who attend the most important day of their life.


However, the job can only be completed if the bride has a dietary blueprint. After all, the key to building a leaner, sexier physique is nutrition. So much so, that I believe it accounts for about 80% of the results, the rest relies upon exercise. The dietary guidelines listed below have produced both life-changing and body changing results for our many clients. Typical results are losses of ugly, unwanted body fat and a reduction of at least 1 dress size in 12 weeks. Remember- the focus must be on improving overall health, body composition, and performance, NOT weight loss!


The Fit Bride Mentality:


EAT to Elevate Metabolism and Lose Fat (NOT Weight)


Tip#1- Stay Hydrated:


-       Drink at least 1-2 cups of water before and between each and every meal. A dehydrated organism cannot effectively lose body fat!


-       Drink 1-2 cups of water for every 15 minutes of vigorous activity to maintain optimal performance and to prevent dehydration during your workouts.



Tip#2- Eat Early and Eat Often:


- Eat immediately upon waking and then again every 2-4 hours after that for a total of 5 -6 feedings per day.


- This mean 3 meals and 3 snacks per day.


Tip#3- Focus on the Essentials:


-       Consume a wide range of lean proteins  at each feeding. A great rule of thumbs is to consume at least a fist-sized worth fish, chicken, beef turkey etc. Protein elevates metabolism by more than double the amount of either fat or carbohydrates.


-       Consume a wide range natural fats at each feeding (olive oil, coconut oil, beef, salmon, whole eggs, avocado, mixed nuts, flax, full-fat cheese, etc.). Furthermore, your body cannot optimally burn stored body fat without a sufficient amount of healthy dietary fat.


-       Consume a wide range of fruits AND veggies at each feeding (with a special emphasis on green veggies).


Tip#4- You NEED These 2 Supplements:



-       Take a daily whole food based multi-vitamin. Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is essential for your body to function optimally, especially for people who struggles to get at least 6-10 servings of fruits and veggies per day.


-       Take a high quality essential fatty acid (EFA) or fish oil supplement. Omega-3 fats found in fish oil are scientifically proven to increase metabolism and generate increased fat burning, besides having a host of other benefits like preventing cancer, reducing inflammation and joint pain, enhancing skin and hair quality, etc.


Tip#5- Think Fiber First When It Comes To Carbs:


-       It is critical to focus on carbohydrate quality first AND then quantity second. In terms of quality, all carbohydrates (outside of dairy) that you eat should contain AT LEAST 3 g of fiber per serving and offer LESS THAN 10 g of sugar per serving.


Well those are my top 5 diet tips to help you look your best on the biggest day of your life. The key to nutrition is to keep it simple and keep perservering. Remember, its NOT about losing weight, but rather about losing inches in all the right places and thereby looking as stunning as possible.


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