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Tips and Advice on Wedding Hair & Beauty

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Bridal Trial tips

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Author:    Lisa Connelly (Events Makeup)
Publish Date:    09 Sep 2010


In order for you to unwind and enjoy your special day a bridal trial is important. Why not book it for a day when you have a special event on. The trial should be booked at about 3 months prior to the wedding date..

Your makeup artist will guide you through the process of creating a radiant, natural and glowing look which lasts for hours.

Be sure to mention if you have any skin problems or allergies. The trial is the ideal opportunity for you to tell the makeup artist what you like & don't like. Don't be afraid to speak up and say if you would like to try a different colour or eyeshadow style as this is the time to have a try at different looks to find the right one for you.

Remember to bring any reference photos or pictures of makeup that you like.  If you have any fabric samples of the bridesmaids gowns please bring these along too as it will give the makeup artist a good indication of the colours being incorporated in your wedding and what makeup style you like.
Once you are happy with the final look, the style will be recorded the details of the products used and how they were applied so the agreed upon look can easily be replicated on the wedding day.  A few snapshots after the trial should be taken so the makeup artist  has a visual record of the look created.

After the trial has taken place, make nte through the day how the makeup wears. if you are happy with the result and the longevity of the makeup be sure to book for your wedding straight away as a good makeup artist gets booked out well in advance.

Enjoy the trail.

By Lisa Connelly.


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