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Tips and Advice on Wedding Hair & Beauty

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Blushing Bride: Beautiful Bridal Makeup

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Author:    Cassandra Ferguson (Cassandra Rae Ferguson - Professional Makeup Artist)
Publish Date:    28 Jul 2010


Bridal Makeup, most of all, needs to be long-lasting. Every bride and makeup artist will hold a different view of technique, colours and products which should be used, but everyone agrees that bridal makeup needs to last the entire day. With this important fact in mind, I have provided my best tips for perfect wedding makeup.

Flawless Complexion

A good-quality foundation is crucial to perfect wedding day makeup.It needs to be long-lasting, provide good coverage & match your skin tone perfectly. Stick foundations provide the most coverage & have long-wearing power.

Concealor works wonders to cover up under eye circles, blemishes & uneven skin tone. Ask your makeup artist to use one in a tone matching your skin as closely as possible. Applying concealor over your foundation (as opposed to under it) saves you work & product, as the foundation will do most of the concealing for you.

Using a pre-foundation skin primer can provide a smooth base for foundation to adhere to. Primers increase foundation's staying power & result in a flawless finish.

Applying powder over foundation helps to prevent shine & sets your foundation. If you have oily skin, chances are you will require touch-ups with a pressed powder during the day, so it is best to be prepared. A good quality powder will not react with a camera flash & so will not result in a pale face in photographs (some foundations & powder do this, so try before you buy!)

Lucious Lips

A lip primer applied under lipstick may help to combat flakiness & assist in staying power. A good quality lip pencil applied under lip colour can help to make lipstick long lasting & combat colour bleeding.

Stayfast lipsticks are an option if you are concerned about lip colour wearing off, otherwise, it is advisable to have a lipstick with you on your wedding day for touchups. Use a moist, creamy lipstick or opt for lipgloss if you dislike the feel of lipstick.

Tears for Fears

Waterproof mascara is essential to combat wedding day tears! Many waterproof mascaras are also smudgeproof & non-flaking. Ask your makeup artist to use a waterproof one for you if you think there may be tears.

Most brides know they require a waterproof mascara, but many forget about eyeliner. It may be a good idea to use one if you anticipate waterworks on your wedding day!

If you do cry on your special day, it is advisable to 'dab' with a handkerchief or tissue, rather than 'wipe' tears away.

Faking it

I recommend using individual lashes, as opposed to a full set. Individuals are small clusters of 3 or 4 lashes. You apply several of these clusters to the outer corner of your eye, which enhances your eyes without appearing overdone.

Natural Glow

Many brides are not used to wearing blush, but it is recommended that you do. Blush is intended to look like a natural, healthy glow' on your cheeks, whilst enhancing cheekbones also.

If you are nervous about it, ask your makeup artist to apply blush after foundation & powder, but before eyes. This helps the result to look more natural, as the amount of blush applied should match your skin & not have to compete with your eyes.

Cream blush will add a healthy sheen & powder will add more definition.

The Eyes Have It

Bridal eye makeup does not necessarily have to be heavy for photographs, but it does need some definition, especially since you will be smiling in many shots. This is less about the heaviness of application & more about the placement & technique.

Note that the appearance of eye makeup can be reduced by up to half with a camera flash, so try to find a happy medium with the amount you are wearing! You need to feel comfortable, but also you will want to have your eyes defined in photographs.

Whilst it is extremely important for your wedding makeup to be long-lasting, it is just as crucial for you to feel comfortable wearing it. It is up to you what style of makeup you wish to wear for your special day, so keep in mind that while you want to look your best, you still want to be YOU! It is most important for you to feel beautiful on the best day of your life.


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