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Tips and Advice on Wedding Hair & Beauty

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Ensure you look and feel stunning on your special day

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Author:    Andrea McInnes (Angeliq Brides Hair & Makeup)
Publish Date:    29 Oct 2012


Wedding season is now in full swing and all our gorgeous brides are preparing for their DREAM DAY. It's not just the obvious things our brides need to remember, like booking the venue, ordering their flowers, booking their hair & makeup, but rather the smaller things we can tend to forget about.

Every bride wants to look stunning on the wedding day and to achieve this we all need to make sure we are preparing our hair, skin & body to be at its best on the day. This means YOU as the bride get to set aside a little pampering time for yourself before the day.

It doesn't have to cost you thousands, rather you can achieve most of it right in the comfort of your own home. Firstly we all want that "Bridal Glow" in our skin on the day so drinking plenty of water to keep yourself and your skin hydrated leading up to the wedding is especially important.

Having a good at home skin care regime will really maximise your glow on the day. Angeliq Brides recommends using KORA ORGANICS skin care for the lead up to your wedding. These products are "ORGANIC" and really nourish your skin with love. Jump to the Kora Organics website to see the products best suited to your skin type. We also recommened visiting your Beauty Therapist for at least 2 facials in the months leading up to the day for that extra little boost.

Ensuring you eat a "Clean and Healthy" diet will also assist in making sure your skin is glowing on the day. We don't want to see our brides starving themselves for the day but rather filling their body with healthy, natural and nutritional foods to help you feel your best. Also a light "Dry Body Brush" each evening before your shower followed by the Kora Organics body moisturiser will ensure your skin and tan look silky smooth and natural on the day.

Angeliq Brides also recommends a few tips to ensure your HAIR is lucious and shining on the day. We suggest a couple of products that will assist in making this happen. Morrocan Oil Treatment once a week for the month of two before the day will ensure you have luxurious shine and bounce to your hair and will also help you manage your hair better. O&M also make beautiful shampoo and conditioning products for every day use that are low toxin for your hair.

If you would like any further Hints or Pre Wedding Tips please send Angeliq Brides an email so we can share our many more tips with you.


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