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LawCentral Online Australia Legal Doc Shop

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Street:    Servicing Australia Wide
Suburb:    Sydney
State:    NSW
Telephone:    (08) 9463 4335
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Website:    lawcentral.com.au


Company Information

LawCentral offers a simpler solution to making your own documents. By following our easy to use question wizards, you can complete your own legal document within minutes. Lawyers prepare all of our documents and logic flow. Law Central Co Pty Ltd is not a law firm. It does not give legal advice.

The Government has easy to read books on Employer/Employee relations. Why then do employers seek professional advice to prepare an Employment Contract?

Why does the tax office spend a fortune making their tax pack "easy to use"? Only to find that people prefer to use an accountant?

"We know what we want, but we need some assistance to get to the final stage."

This is the concept behind Law Central.

What powers LawCentral? WizardDocs

Wizarddocs has provided tried and tested document automation solutions since 2000. Wizarddocs software underpins the creation and delivery of documents and forms for businesses and consumers, through an easy-to-use and rapidly deployable set of technologies. Wizarddocs provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for the authoring of complex interactive documents and PDF forms quickly and efficiently. Wizarddocs has the ability to be 'intelligent', anticipating the routine elements of document drafting and enabling the user to compile even the most intricate documents and forms.

Unique Features:

    * Flexible deployment to take into account many varied circumstances
    * Significant "hint" screens throughout.
    * Highly secure documents using 128-bit key encryption.
    * Sophisticated authorisation and workflow facilities.
    * Integrates seamlessly with Adobe Acrobat forms.

WizardDocs is ...

Powerful: Virtually any form or document, regardless of its complexity, may be automated with this unique technology.
Easy to use: The highly intuitive WizardDocs interface enables users to assemble documents with no prior training.

WizardDocs can ...
Save time: Documents that previously took lawyers hours to produce and approve can be created in minutes.
Reduce costs: Whether by the time-saved, or potential headcount reduction, WizardDocs enables a business to cut costs and increase the bottom line.
Prevent Paper-overload: By facilitating the creation and storage of documents electronically, physical storage and management of paper becomes largely unnecessary.
Increase Accuracy: Keying errors are significantly reduced by the advanced validation features WizardDocs has to offer.


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