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Dance Lessons - Service Provider Details

Bridal Dance Classes With Wedding Dance Lessons Lane Cove

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Street:    Kara Street
Suburb:    Lane Cove
State:    NSW
Telephone:    02 98292828
Email:    Click to send enquiry
Website:    weddingdancelessons.com.au


Look good and feel great for your First Dance as husband and wife in just a few lessons at our Lane Cove specialist Bridal Dance studio.  Our team of fabulous wedding dance teachers specialise in teaching non-dancers to look like you know what you are doing in just a few lessons. We understand that you don’t want to look awkward or boring with everyone watching you but that you also don’t want to look unnatural trying to do more than your skills allow. We’ll ensure that you look smooth and confident dancing suitably to your chosen song and to suit your personalities whether you want a stunning Bridal Waltz with flash moves or just few simple steps to ‘survive’.


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